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Plain Cue Sticks with lots of beauty from the wood coming through. 
- The look and feel of wood on wood joints -- This gives D-Cues a distinct feel when the cue hits the cue ball -
The wood is not stained or colored in any way -- Its the natural beauty of the wood  that comes thru in every Cue Stick - 

Cue Dimensions 3/8 - 10 Joint Butt -- 32.25mm - 20.30mm -- Length 30" -- Takes a weight bolt - 1/2"-13 Shaft -- 20.30mm  - 10.70mm -- 8"from the tip -- 11.75mm -- 20" from the tip -- 15.45mm Length 30" 18oz
Shaft Hard Maple -- Kiln Dried - turned and let stand several times before it's final turning.
Kinds Of Wood  Starting from the joint Purpleheart Wood Hard Maple Purpleheart Wood