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Cesars Cue Stick  
- The look and feel of wood on wood joints -- This gives D-Cues a distinct feel when the cue hits the cue ball -
The wood is not stained or colored in any way -- Its the natural beauty of the wood  that comes thru in every Cue Stick - 
Cue Dimensions 3/8 - 10 Joint Butt -- 21.1mm -30.1mm -- Length 30" Shaft -- 21.1mm  -- 10.75mm -- 8"from the tip -- 11.75mm -- 20" from the tip --  16.45mm -- Length 30" 18.9oz
Shaft The Farrule True Lignum Vitae Wood -- The Ring is also True Lignum Vitae Wood -- Shaft is Hard Maple -- Kiln Dried - turned and let stand several times before it's final turning.
Kinds Of Wood  Starting from the joint
East Indian Rosewood Redheart Wood Zebrawood Redheart Wood Zebrawood
 Redheart Wood Zebrawood  Redheart Wood Zebrawood Redheart Wood
Zebrawood Redheart Wood East Indian Rosewood